We provide glass design technology and information, for glass processor /

glass designer /glass worker /glass traders, with computer and without computer to make glass as value added product in competitive market.

We also provide some products like glass beveled pieces, small electric / gasfurnances for glass designing and glass for jewelry designing, customized crockery etc.

Recently we have developed electric / gas fire furanance in size of 24″ X 24″X 24″ approx. to start small glass bending for small bowls, crockery, lampshades in curve form, with complete know how to operate furnance. One can manufacture small glass fusing pieces for partition dvors and decorative pieces. Approx. cost of small furnance

will be Rs.65000/-.

Same way we have developed heating pad technology for mug printing, plain glass printing, tile printing etc. at 150 to 200 degree temperature and the machine cost for mug printing/plate printing/flat glass printing / tiles printing in A4 size.

Yet, the curriculum of most of the Indian universities offering diploma anddegree courses in building science, interior design, civil engineering, product design, Fashion Designing, Glass & Ceramics as one of the subjects does not include a topic on glass. We, at Glass Corporation and Organizer Mr. Mayur Lekhadia are dedicated to the task of providing detailed information on various aspects of glass such as:

  • Glass Etching (Abrasive)
  • Glass Fusing; Slumping & Bending
  • Glass Painting(Manual & Air Brushing)
  • Glass Designing With Computer
  • Glass Etching ( Chemical Etching )
  • Glass High Speed Engraving,
  • Glass Polishing.
  • Brass Etching, Copper Etching
  • Glass Cutting And Glass Joining
  • Glass Mug/Ceramic Mug/Plate(Sticking Tech.)
  • Printing Technology with Low Temperature
  • Glass Photo Abrasion.

We also*provide design books (black & -white and color) -with CD containing line in JPG., CDR., FSP., AL, DXF., formats which will support all type of plotters, starting Rs.400 including CD.

We have been conducting workshops on glass for the past few years at various places including The School of Building Science and Technology, CEPT (Ahmedabad), APID School of Architect (Anand),  National Institute of Design(Ahmedabad), BharthiVidhyapeeth (Mumbai), Indubhai Parekh School of Architecture, Rajkot, National Institute of Fashion Design(NIFT), Garodia School of Professional Studies(Mumbai )and PanditDeendayal Petroleum University(PDPU, Ghandhinagar,Ahmedabad).

So, we have developed business / institutional relations with above said societies to have good job opportunities for their recruitment. Simultaneously so many traders has developed their design workshop with their existing business to

serve value added glass in their region.